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Travel Expenses Reimbursement within EURO-LABS

The TA financial support of the selected users for the visits to CERN is defined as:

Rules and Principles

CERN will reimburse the costs of travel when they correspond to the use of the most cost-efficient and suitable route and means of transport for the date of travel, from the place of residence or of employment of the traveller.

Public transport should be used to the extent possible.

CERN makes reference to a Daily travel allowance (DTA) when processing reimbursement requests to cover the cost of accommodation, meals and miscellaneous expenses.


CERN shall pay the transport expenses for a return journey between the place of residence or of employment of the traveller and CERN

The following classes of travel are allowed:

  • Air plane: economy or equivalent (including one piece of luggage); tariffs like “Economy Premium” are not considered as being equivalent;

  • Train: first-class, sleeper or couchette;

  • Rental car: compact or economy category

Rental car or taxi is paid or reimbursed only if necessary and duly justified (e.g. bulky equipment to be transported, unsuitable public transport,…). Rental car in Geneva area is not reimbursed.

Transport costs between the airport / train station and CERN, or any other final destination, are reimbursed at actual cost provided each individual item claimed exceeds 20 CHF.

The ceiling for the transpor costs within EURO-LABS is defined to 400 CHF for Continental and to 1250 CHF for trans-Continental destinations. This covers tickets on the travel class mentioned above. Any additions (like Premium or Business or equivalent) should be bought separately and won't be reimbursed.

For the PS and SPS Test Beams TA, due to increased number of applications, no travel or transport costs to CERN will be covered.

Accommodation, meals and miscellaneous expenses

Accommodation, meals and miscellaneous expenses are paid when the place of residence of the traveller is more than 50 km from CERN or the duty travel destination.

The DTA for EURO-LABS TA, except for the PS and SPS Test Beams TA (see below), is defined as 139 CHF/night at CERN, intended to cover expenses for logging, meals and local transport.

For the PS & SPS Test Beam users, due to a very large number of applications received in 2023, a number of restrictions had to be applied. In particular:

  • The per-diem has been reduced to 80 CHF/night, with the Home Insitutes of the Users allowed to top-up.
  • Exclusively students and post-graduates will be supported.
  • The total number of DTA per project is capped (depending on the beam time duration of the project).


Travel organisation

In case payment of the travel costs are authorised by the FC:

  • users registered as externals, i.e non-members of CERN, organize and book their ticked on their means respecting the rules defined above,
  • CERN users (MPA) should follow the usual travel procedures for CERN travels

Cost claim

At the end of the experiment the users should provide the signed documents described here.

For the travel costs the users should provide in addition the scanned copies of receipts and tickets, within 6 months following the return date. After this deadline, no reimbursement can be made.

Payments are made by bank transfer to the bank account of the traveller in CHF. Cash payments are not authorised.

Last update: July 4, 2024