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CERN Facilities in EURO-LABS

CERN participates in EURO-LABS with facilities (or Research Infrastructures (RI)) in all Transnational Access Work-packages (WP) of the project. Details in each facility such as beam types, energies, particle spieces, performance figures as well as possible experiments can be found on their specific pages through the provided links.

EURO-LABS WP2 : Access to RIs for Physics

Facility Coordinator e-mail
ISOLDE Sean Freeman
nTOF Alberto Mengoni

EURO-LABS WP3 : Access to RIs for Accelerator R&d

Facility Coordinator e-mail
HiRadMat Nikos Charitonidis
XBOX Roberto Corsini
CLEAR Roberto Corsini

WP4 - Access to RIs for HEP Detector R&D

Facility Coordinator e-mail
PS and SPS test beams Eva Barbara Holzer
IRRAD Federico Ravotti
GIF++ Michael Moll

WP4 TA Application Support : Tetyana Shulha -

Last update: July 5, 2024