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The handling of the TA requests within CERN consists of three main stages: - initial : application submission and approval by the facility - registration : registration of users at CERN, access permissions, and to the necessary training courses - reimbursement : payement of the allowance and, if approved, transport expenses

The flow diagram below indicates the various stages, details in the specific pages for Group Leaders, Facility Coordinators, and Administrative User Support, Secretariats, EU office) below

Flow diagram of TA handling

    title : EURO-LABS Trans-national Access
    participant G as GroupLeader
    participant U as User
    participant F as Facility Coordinator
    participant S as Secretariat

    rect rgb(200, 230, 255)
    G->>F: Application form (word), <br/> excel file (Request part)
        F-->G: Scienticif Evaluation - USP <br/> entry in the schedule
        F-->>F: verify eligibility
    F->>G: Excel with USP Approval
    rect rgb(255, 230, 230)
    Note right of F : generation of initial documents <br/>(invLetter, TrainingSheets, mailTempl-A)
    F-->>S : Inform of new experimet
    S->>S : check status of users
    S->>G : e-mail to GL <br/> (general information, user invLetters, other documents/forms for the registration) 
    G-->>U : distribute, information and invLetters
    U->>S: send signed invLetter, other requested documents
    par Users and Secretariat
    U-->>U : travel preparation
    U-->>U : accommodation booking
    S-->>S: registration (EUPR)
    S-->>S: registration training
    Note over G, F : experiment
    rect rgb(230, 255, 230)
    G->>F : complete Actual columns of excel file
    activate G
    Note right of F: generation ConfBeamTime, UserTADeclarations, mailTemp-B
    F-->>G : e-mail to GL with attached ConfBeamTime  time, UserTADecl
    G-->>U : distribute UserTADecl
    G->>F : returns signed ConfBeamTime
    U-->>S : return UserTADecl signed, travel and other requested docs
    S-->>S : procceed to reimbursement
    S->> U : e-mail to confirm reimbursement
    G->>F : returns Experiment report
    deactivate G

Last update: June 15, 2023